Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Water Quality Custom Display Units

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation exists to provide practical and effective resources for farmers in their efforts to produce and sustain healthy farms and communities in Ohio. As part of their ongoing initiatives to inform and educate, the OFBF engaged Display Dynamics, Inc. to partner with them to design and produce three custom, portable display units that focus on ways to protect water quality.

Each of the three displays targets a specific audience and subject matter, and provides information on current topics and trends related to water use, water quality, and crop fertilization. Through the use of vivid graphics and colorful, iconic farm theming, the displays serve as fun and engaging interactive stations that successfully support and enhance the overall mission of the OFBF.

Client – Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Project – Water Quality

Size – 200 sq. ft.

Location – Columbus, OH

Scope of Work – Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

Designer – Display Dynamics, Inc.