“Highly regarded, easy to work with.” These simple words of reference were recently conveyed to us by an associate of a longtime client, and are the very essence of who we strive to be in every project that we undertake.

Founded in 1994, Display Dynamics, Inc. is a full-service exhibit company with one basic vision – To create extraordinary exhibits for great clients. Our client list is extensive, and includes many local and nationally recognized companies and organizations.

Our capabilities are broad, and our experiences unique. From precise construction of display cases that protect priceless artifacts, to a life-size interactive recreation of the largest sycamore tree in the nation, our experience with and ability to bring all kinds of projects to life with practical solutions is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Since our founding in 1994 Display Dynamics, Inc. has designed, fabricated, and installed displays and exhibitions for corporate environments, history and cultural centers, museums, science centers, visitor’s centers, zoos and nature centers. The projects have ranged in size from small to large, with budgets covering nearly every end of the spectrum.

The interpretive and interactive styles have differed, and include those that were very traditional, to others that were environmentally immersive and required innovative solutions for finishes and fabrication techniques. This variety has been invaluable, and has provided us with a broad knowledge base for creative design and fabrication methods.

In addition to this variety in the types of projects that we have worked on, we have also performed under varying conditions and circumstances. From strict and exacting clients with tight time frames and budgets, to others who have requested assistance every step of the way, our approach has always been the same – Provide the highest quality product on time, at a fair price, with uncompromising service.

 Why Display Dynamics, Inc.?

To put it plainly, we’re easy to work with and we tailor our approach to fit your needs. We’re also low maintenance, we see the big picture, and we get things done. And as much as these characteristics may seem somewhat trivial and less than impressive, they’ve not only been our calling cards through the years, they’ve also proven to be genuinely rare but profitable assets when working through projects of all sizes.