As a full-service company we self-perform a variety of exhibit and display related services right in our 65,000 sq. ft. facility located in Clayton, OH. Our full-time staff is committed to our clients, and successfully manages and fulfills dozens of projects each year. Our abbreviated list of services includes —

- Environmental/Structural Design
- Graphic Design
- Tactile and Media-based Interactive Design
- Engineering
- Prototyping
- Graphic Production
- Structural Fabrication
- Painting/Finishing
- Delivery
- Installation
- Service/Maintenance
- Project Management
- Warehousing

But the true breadth of our capabilities and offerings doesn’t start and stop with the aforementioned services. While some companies are great at figuring out the nuts and bolts of a project, with others adept at the more artistic endeavors, we can do both. DDI has made a concerted effort to build its business model by engaging in opportunities that are as unique and diverse as our staff.

As a result, the colorful range of projects that we have worked on over the last decade has provided us with invaluable technical, artistic, thematic, and environmental experiences. Among other things, this experience is what separates us from our competitors. Not only do we have the wherewithal to design and engineer with accuracy and efficiency, but we also have an internal staff of artists and sculptures who take great pride in providing the aesthetically pleasing finishing touches on reproductions and other recreations.

So whether we’re engineering climate-controlled display cases or 50’ tall exterior statues, let our staff show you what it means to provide solutions that are accurate, comprehensive, and durable.

We love what we do, and we look forward to helping you on your next project.